Our History

Brief history :

This local fellowship is a member church of the Assemblies of God New Zealand, which in turn is associated with the Assemblies of God movement world wide.

In 1955 a group of believers began holding meetings here in Manurewa and from that the church as we know it began.
The first church building was in Hill Road opposite the Central school. This property was sold in 1975 and for several years the Sunday services were held in school halls and public buildings.
The church purchased property in Mill Road, and the present building was opened in September 1979. Since then there have been three other building projects, a large room developed under the main church building for children?s ministry( 1989). Then another building was built to house the church offices and provide space for a youth activity room as well as storage garages.

In 1999, moved the church offices into the new building the church kitchen was redeveloped to provide better catering facilities.

From it's beginnings the church has had an ongoing involvement with various mission fields, sending both individuals as well as sending teams. Some have been for long term involvement, while others were short term.
As well as sending people the church has maintained a commitment to financially support missionaries in several other countries.

Congregation :

We are a multicultural church with people from many different country back grounds in attendance.
Our services are held in English but there is opportunity for different cultural expressions.
The spread of cultural differences add real favour to the fellowship. All age groups are represented and we try and provide suitable activities for each age group.

'We may be a Church in the country but we have a city in our hearts

Our Church property and building is just 4 kms from Manurewa Post Office. There is easy access from Redoubt Road and from
Takanini on the South.